Congratulations on your upcoming Wedding!  I know how excited you are, because I know how excited I was at my wedding!  And I can tell you from my own experience, your special day is going to fly by.  When you receive your Wedding Film a few weeks later, you’re going to be amazed at all the poignant scenes on it—some of which you weren’t able to see yourself on the big day.

I’m happy to tell you that from a technical point of view, you’re getting married at a GREAT time.  With the advent of digital High Definition technology, and the revolution in computerized editing, we are now able to offer Wedding Filmmaking at truly astounding levels of quality.

I’ve been filming weddings since 1982 and to be honest, for most of those years I was never satisfied with the overall picture quality we could offer.  But now, we’re able to offer true High Definition wedding cinematography that rivals anything you see on television or at the movies.

What’s more, the cameras we now use are small and very discreet, allowing us to blend in nicely with your guests.  That picture of me at the upper left corner of this webpage was taken back in 1994.  The moustache is gone now (thankfully), and so too is that huge camera.  Come meet with me and I’ll show you the current cameras we are using, how small and discreet they are, and what fantastic picture quality they produce, even in low light conditions.

My very best wishes,

John Kevin