Wedding Film Samples

I've been producing Wedding Films for a very long time, but it is only recently that I have finally been convinced by my family, friends and production team that in this day and age I must have a Webpage - their opinion, not necessarily mine.  :-)   Okay, now I have a Webpage (since Saturday May 14th!). 


Rather than trying to pick out what I feel are the very best films I've ever created, I'm just going to post our most recent work in this area.  Sometimes it will even be parts of a "work in progress".  In this way, I'll be able to show you a realistic glimse of what we can offer you.


To view these films in High Definition please click on the screen, which should open up a YouTube window, where you can select 780p or 1080p .  But be sure to come back afterward!  And please feel free to give me a call and arrange an appointment for a private viewing of samples of my past productions.  I'll be happy to show you Highlight versions and Full-Length versions of past productions and perhaps more importantly, sit down with you and discuss your Wedding and your Wedding Film.